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JCA Activity School Trips

From two-day trips and weekends to full week packages, school groups will experience an action-packed residential activity experience at Condover Hall.

With over 20 years' experience in providing quality residential trips to schools, JCA has grown from strength to strength. We are committed to ensuring that you and your students gain the most from your stay with us and as a result we are strong supporters of the Learning Outside the Classroom Badge and Adventuremark. All of our activities are developed with key learning objectives in mind. Throughout their stay children will gain self confidence, increased self discipline and improved communication and team-working skills.

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JCA uniquely offer one multi-skilled instructor per group of 12 students, building trust and support and helping each individual to reach their full potential and push their limits during their stay.

Every young person should have the opportunity to experience the world beyond their classroom as an essential part of their learning and personal development. JCA are Learning Outside the Classroom quality badge holders ensuring good practice, high quality teaching and learning experiences and thorough risk management.

We will individually tailor your school's itinerary to meet your requirements with a choice of the following activities:


The rudiments of this very popular activity are quickly learned using junior bows and 1.3m targets. This activity develops self-discipline, concentration and co-ordination skills.

Bivi Building

Students will receive an introduction to constructing and making an overnight bivouac and learn about teamwork as they work together to erect shelters and gather dead wood for the campfire.

Body Zorbing

Body Zorbing can be a team or individual-based activity, participants take part in Sumo, Football and other tumbling activities. Each participant wears their own Body Zorb and can tumble and bump into each other free from feeling any impact.

Buggy Building

Teams build a moving buggy using poles and barrels to withstand a series of gruelling tests.


A challenging activity designed to test the team's abilities to move through twists and turns without setting off the buzzer.

Cirque Du JCA

Circus tuition allows creativity to flourish and co-ordination and concentration to develop through the art of devil sticks , plate spinning, bubble blowing and more.

Crate Stack

Working in teams of 2-4, teams use the crates and work to try and construct the highest crate stack while stood on the top of it.


Our purpose built towers help to develop trust and self-confidence within students as they aspire to conquer the peaks painted at various stages of the climb.

Condover Crusade

A unique and exciting experience for the students to work their way around a series of challenges throughout the estate including the buzz room, initiative exercises, grid of stones and much more..

Dance Mania

This activity introduces the concept of fitness and healthy living in a fun context, and you can learn the JCA dance ready for the disco!

Eco Activities

A range of Eco activities are available such as Changing Woodland, Escaping Energy, Mini-Beast Hunt, Nature Trail, Night Walk, Quantum of Spies, Recycling for Real and Solar Car. All designed to create and awareness and understanding of environmental issues.


The facinating art of foil fencing requires concentration and discipline as well as agility.

Film Club

Are your students the next Jonathan Ross or Claudia Winkleman? The JCA film club gives students the opportunity to watch exceptional movies in our state of the art cinema, before debating the film's merits and writing their own reviews to be published onto the internet.

Gladiator Challenge

A vertical assault course where participants race against each other as individuals or teams of two. Climbing various obstacles including a cargo net, peg poles and tyres.

Grid of Stones

Grid of stones requires the students to enter the room and learn by trial, error and memory which path through the stones is correct.

High All Aboard

Four participants climb up a telegraph pole to the small platform at the top. Once at the top of the pole they must hold hands and lean out as far as they can. This will test the trust within the group and the trust in the ropes.

High See Saw

Participants climb up a telegraph pole to the giant see saw at the top, they then wait for three more participants to climb. Once all of the participants are stood on the see saw they must try and level it out. This will test the trust within the group and the trust in the ropes.

Initiative Exercises

Various testing scenarios are set up around the centre to encourage lateral thinking and problem solving skills.

IT Suite Session

Two large IT Suites provide email and internet access and a range of relevant software.

Jacobs Ladder

Working in teams of 2-4, teams try to climb the giant ladder. Each rung of the ladder will be further away than the last. Teams must lift and climb on each other to get as high as they can.

Leap of Faith

Participants climb up a telegraph pole to the small platform at the top. The instructor and the group then count-down to time when the participant needs to jump to catch the trapeze bar.

Low Ropes

Perfect for all ages, the low ropes course encourages communication and co-operation, helping individuals build their confidence whilst developing their balance and co-ordination.

Mini Olympics

Groups can experience the thrill of becoming an Olympian! These sessions focus on teamwork and encourage groups to explore cultural identities through various athletic events.

Multi Vines

Participants have the opportunity to climb as high as they wish, climbing through three different stages including balance beam, high wire and multi-vines.

Nature Trail

A chance for your group to relax as they wander through tranquil areas of countryside taking in the abundance of flora and fauna.


Learning to use a map and compass to get from one marked point to another is a rewarding activity which requires concentration, communication and co-operation of team members.

Photo Challenge

Learning to use observational skills to find locations around the site. It is a rewarding activity that requires concentration, communication and co-operation of team members.

Raft Building

Working as a team, under the guidance of an instructor, students learn how to build a raft from ropes, wood and empty oil drums. The raft will then be used to transport students across the water without getting them wet!

Rocket Launch

Teams compete in rubbish-based challenges to win scrap to use in the production of their very own water rockets.

Postman's Walk

Participants climb the ladder onto the first level of the elements, they must then cross the balance beam to reach the other side where they can then climb to the Postman's Walk.

Search and Rescue

Working as a team, you must locate certain equipment you'll need to set up a Tyrolean (rope crossing) over the stream to obtain codes or rescue a person.

Sensory Trail

Leads participants over and around obstacles. By working together students take turns at leading as communication skills are developed and trust is built throughout the group.

Sit on Top Kayaking

A fun, safe and easy form of kayaking for everyone. In this session students will be taught different paddling techniques and then use their skills to play exciting games. This activity is only available from April to September and will be dependent on availability and group size.


Participants are able to master spells, potions and lotions. A wizard lab will allow them to create wizardry tricks such as smoke bombs, slime, magic, etc. Suitable for ages 7-10 only.

Survival and Survival Extreme

Given a disaster scenario, students need to quickly establish priorities and work as a team. They work on survival techniques such as shelter building, search and rescue and first aid. Survival Extreme includes an overnight self-sufficient expedition including fire lighting, shelter building and rescue techniques.


We have a fantastic indoor swimming pool for this session. This session is limited to 25 persons at one time.

Tri Golf

Participants learn the basics of golf and play against each other in a competition round at the end of each session using their new skills.


An indoor 'Tunnel System' allows participants to explore darkness, challenge their inner strength, search for clues, and work as a team.

Wet and Wacky

A selection of pool-based games and races aimed at all participants regardless of their ability within the water, including non-swimmers. The main emphasis is fun with water in a safe environment. This session is limited to 25 persons at one time.

XStream Challenge

Teams enter the Xstream and have to assist each other in overcoming obstacles in the water.

Crate Stack, Gladiator Challenge, High All Aboard, High See Saw, Leap of Faith, and Postman's Walk are all elements of the high ropes course. Depending on time and availability you will be able to decide which elements to incorporate into your course.