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JCA Adult Netball Weekends

Competing and socialising with other teams from across the country, the tournaments will take place over Saturday and Sunday following Friday evening's hearty meal and getting to know your competitors during the evening entertainment activities. Try out our additional activities around the stunning Grade I Elizabethan Mansion including high ropes, zip wire, abseiling, climbing, tunnelling room, laser maze and many more throughout your stay.

The weekend includes a full day of Netball Tournaments for your team on Saturday, presentations on Sunday and additional activities on site. We are close to Shrewsbury Town for shopping before or after the tournament and offer one free place for the Party Leader, a free Friday night welcome drink for everyone, plus a free drink for those that wear fancy dress to our Saturday Night Party! All this along with music from a Live Band will make it truly a weekend to remember!

Friday 1st September - Sunday 3rd September 2017

£120 per person

JCA have over 20 years' experience organising school activity trips and work in conjunction with our expert netball event managers, HC Tournaments, who have a combined 35 years experience in playing, coaching and umpiring netball.

View our JCA Netball website for more information.

Additional activities include:


This challenging and exciting climbing activity takes place on our safe purpose-built towers. This activity introduces challenge by choice; developing trust and confidence as students learn to control their own route up the tower followed by an invigorating abseil down.

Body Zorbing

Body Zorbing can be a team or individual-based activity, participants take part in Sumo, Football and other tumbling activities. Each participant wears their own Body Zorb and can tumble and bump into each other free from feeling any impact.


Our purpose built towers help to develop trust and self-confidence within students as they aspire to conquer the peaks painted at various stages of the climb.

Gladiator Challenge

A vertical assault course where participants race against each other as individuals or teams of two. Climbing various obstacles including a cargo net, peg poles and tyres.

Grid of Stones

Grid of stones requires the students to enter the room and learn by trial, error and memory which path through the stones is correct.

High See Saw

Participants climb up a telegraph pole to the giant see saw at the top, they then wait for three more participants to climb. Once all of the participants are stood on the see saw they must try and level it out. This will test the trust within the group and the trust in the ropes.

Jacob's Ladder

Working in teams of 2-4, teams try to climb the giant ladder. Each rung of the ladder will be further away than the last. Teams must lift and climb on each other to get as high as they can.

Leap of Faith

Participants climb up a telegraph pole to the small platform at the top. The instructor and the group then count-down to time when the participant needs to jump to catch the trapeze bar.

Low Ropes

Perfect for all ages, the low ropes course encourages communication and co-operation, helping individuals build their confidence whilst developing their balance and co-ordination.

Multi Vines

Participants have the opportunity to climb as high as they wish, climbing through three different stages including balance beam, high wire and multi-vines.

Postman's Walk

Participants climb the ladder onto the first level of the elements, they must then cross the balance beam to reach the other side where they can then climb to the Postman's Walk.


An indoor 'Tunnel System' allows participants to explore darkness, challenge their inner strength, search for clues, and work as a team.

Crate Stack, Gladiator Challenge, High All Aboard, High See Saw, Leap of Faith, and Postman's Walk are all elements of the high ropes course. Depending on time and availability you will be able to decide which elements to incorporate into your weekend.