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JCA Family Adventure

Looking for a new adventure with your family?

Why not have fun, take on new challenges and bond as a family at Condover Hall.

On sale now for selected dates during the year, JCA offer a fantastic opportunity for your family to bond and complete challenges including adrenaline-pumping activities and full board accommodation at our fantastic countryside setting of Condover Hall, Shropshire.

Condover Hall is our dedicated JCA Centre, located in Shropshire (West Midlands). Your child may have visited us already on a school residential, so why not come and experience Condover Hall for yourself? Children often ask if they can return with their families and enjoy the centre with parents and siblings, and we listened! 
Take part with your children in adventurous activities together such as high ropes, abseiling, fencing, archery, kayaking, fencing, laser maze, and more. At the end of the day relax in our bar area with views over the rolling Shropshire countryside or head for the cinema room for a family film.
The stunning location of Condover Hall means families can take part in Family Adventure and then spend time visiting local attractions such as Alton Towers, Ironbridge Gorge or the beautiful national park of Snowdonia. Families stay onsite and our Family Adventure package includes all activities, dormitory style accomodation, use of the facilities and all meals. All activities at our centre are designed for children aged 8 and above, however, younger children may also be to take part depending on the activity. 
Please note that Condover Hall is not a hotel, but a children's residential activity centre. Accommodation is therefore situated in our purpose built buildings in the grounds of the estate, within a private dormitory room which the family will have to themselves. Most dormitories have private bathroom facilities and are comfortably furnished to ensure an enjoyable stay throughout your time at Condover Hall.

Find the date and price that works best for you here: JCA website .

If you would like more information or to book, please complete our enquiry form.


Coached by an instructor from the top of our purpose-built towers, students learn to control their descent as they travel to the ground. This activity develops students' trust in other people as well as confidence in their own ability.


The rudiments of this very popular activity are quickly learned using junior bows and 1.3m targets. This activity develops self-discipline, concentration and co-ordination skills.


Our purpose built towers help to develop trust and self-confidence within students as they aspire to conquer the peaks painted at various stages of the climb.


The facinating art of foil fencing requires concentration and discipline as well as agility.

Grid of Stones

Grid of stones requires the students to enter the room and learn by trial, error and memory which path through the stones is correct.


Our lake provides an ideal environment for an introduction to this great watersports activity. Groups learn how to paddle and have some great fun on the water. Shore instruction includes canoe entry, capsize drill and paddling skills. Buoyancy aids and helmets are provided.

Laser Conquest

This game is much like paintball but without the pain and mess and uses a 'phaser only' laser tag system which is fun, intuitive and spontaneous.

Laser Maze

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to negotiate your way through the laser beams without setting off the alarms, to reach the Control Box and disarm before ‘detonation’!

Raft Building

Under the guidance of an instructor, and using ropes, wood and oil-drums, you will learn to work as a team in order to build a raft to transport you to your destination!

Zip Wire

Fly through the air like a monkey swinging under a forest canopy during the zip wire activity. Attached by a harness, participants travel down the zip wire from the purpose built platform.