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JCA Junior Netball Tournaments

At Condover Hall we operate a number of weekend Netball Tournaments for 11-16 year olds from both schools and junior clubs. We will organise your itinerary, recruit rival teams (up to 40 per tournament), provide professional umpires and even provide additional entertainment so you can enjoy a fantastic few days in superb surroundings and concentrate on coaching your teams.

Witness your squad's teamwork, technique and confidence grow from strength to strength away from the distractions of everyday life with our fully organised Netball Tournaments at Condover Hall.

JCA have over 20 years' experience organising school activity trips and work in conjunction with our expert netball event managers, HC Tournaments, who have a combined 35 years experience in playing, coaching and umpiring netball.

Our Junior Netball Tournaments are priced at £129+vat per child in 2017 (excluding our dedicated coaching weekend) and include full board accommodation, free teacher places (one for every 8 students), the netball tournament, insurance, exciting indoor and outdoor additional activities such as zip wire, body zorbing, abseiling, tunelling, etc and evening entertainment!

NEW for 2017

JCA are introducing a brand new and bespoke coaching weekend in which teams will recieve personalised training schedules and tailored drills from professional HC Tournaments coaches. This weekend will see players really improve their game, get the chance to try out new skills in a match situation and take part in adventurous activities throughout. Click here for more information. 

Friday 29th September - Sunday 1st October 2017

£159pp +VAT

View our JCA Netball website for more information.

Whilst your teams are not playing netball your girls have the opportunity to take part in the following exhilirating activities that Condover Hall has to offer:


This challenging and exciting climbing activity takes place on our safe purpose-built towers. This activity introduces challenge by choice; developing trust and confidence as students learn to control their own route up the tower followed by an invigorating abseil down.


The rudiments of this very popular activity are quickly learned using junior bows and 1.3m targets. This activity develops self-discipline, concentration and co-ordination skills.

Body Zorbing

Body Zorbing can be a team or individual-based activity, participants take part in Sumo, Football and other tumbling activities. Each participant wears their own Body Zorb and can tumble and bump into each other free from feeling any impact.


A challenging activity designed to test the team's abilities to move through twists and turns without setting off the buzzer.


Our purpose built towers help to develop trust and self-confidence within students as they aspire to conquer the peaks painted at various stages of the climb.

Gladiator Challenge

A vertical assault course where participants race against each other as individuals or teams of two. Climbing various obstacles including a cargo net, peg poles and tyres.

Grid of Stones

Grid of stones requires the students to enter the room and learn by trial, error and memory which path through the stones is correct.

Laser Maze

Laser Maze will test your 'secret agent' skills by climbing through laser beams without setting off the alarms. Can you reach the control box and disarm it before detonation?

Low Ropes

Perfect for all ages, the low ropes course encourages communication and co-operation, helping individuals build their confidence whilst developing their balance and co-ordination.


This is an individual challenge where each participant can succeed within their own parameters and climb a 30 ft pole. From the top platform they then jump out to reach the trapeze which hangs in front of them.


An indoor 'Tunnel System' allows participants to explore darkness, challenge their inner strength, search for clues, and work as a team.