An initial safety briefing run by trained instructors will kick off this activity. They will guide and support the whole session and offer tips on the best technique to navigate the rope course.

Each session lasts around 1 ½ hours and you can let us know which elements, from the list below, you’d like to include in your trip.

Crate Stack

For 2-4 participants. Your team will help you to build the stack by using crates to try and construct the highest stack while stood on the top of it.

Gladiator Challenge

Participants try to climb the Gladiator Wall whlist belayed by their team. There are challenges at different heights including the cargo net and tyres.

High All Aboard

Your team will climb up a telegraph pole to the small platform at the top. Once 4 participants are stood on the platform they must hold hands and lean out as far as they can. This challenge will test the trust and confidence within the team.

High See-Saw

Participants will climb a telegraph pole to the high see-saw at the very top. Once four of your team members are stood on the see saw they must try to level it out. High see-saw promotes the trust and confidence in the group.

Jacob's Ladder

Working in teams of 2-4 climbers participants try to climb the giant ladder beylayed by the rest of their team. The higher the teams get, the further apart the rungs on the ladder become. You must work together to climb the structure, lifting and climbing on each other to get as high as you all can.


Team members climb up a telegraph pole to a platform. The activity instructor then counts down to when the participant needs to jump from the platform to catch the trapeze bar and swing away!

Traversing elements

Participants cross the inclined log to reach the other side and decide whether to continue to go up or down. If they choose to go up they climb to the next level, which is the Postman's walk. Once this is completed, the final stage is to cross using the multi-vines.

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